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Update: Amendment to the Law regarding the Minimum Wage

This is an updated Blog post on the amendment to the Law regarding the Minimum Wage and the Law regarding the Minimum Hourly Wage.
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This is an updated Blog post on  the amendment to the Law regarding the Minimum Wage and the Law regarding the Minimum Hourly Wage.

Amendment to the Law regarding the Minimum Wage: This legislative change, adopted with 36 votes, revises the existing framework concerning minimum wage provisions.

Further Insights on the Minimum Wage Act: Several amendments have been adopted in the Minimum Wage Act. The amendments concern the following:

  1. The Wage Council to issue a binding advice regarding the determination of a minimum hourly wage in the original Minimum Wage Act, the advice of this Council is no longer automatically binding. The Wage Council can now only provide the Minister of Labor with advice on the new minimum hourly wage, after which the Minister will do a proposal of the minimum hourly wage to the Council of Ministers for approval. Upon approval, the minimum wage is determined by order and shall be published by the Minister.
  2. The Wage council shall, instead of per two (2) years, henceforth ultimately by December 31st, however not later than March 31st of the following year advice regarding the minimum hourly wage.
  3. The Wage Council will be supported by a Secretary, of which its structure shall be established by State Decree.
  4. The Secretary will exist of max. five (5) experts under leadership of the secretary of the National Wage Council.
  5. The Wage Council shall be set up for six (6) years.
  6. Every three (3) years, three members of the Wage Council will be replaced on the recommendation of the Minister, the Trade Union movement, and the business community. These members can be appointed for another term.

Amendment to the Law regarding the Minimum Hourly Wage

  1. The current minimum hourly wage has been calculated based on the poverty line of SRD 7,396 for an adult and has been set at SRD 49,12.
  1. The minimum hourly wage has come into effect per April 1, 2024.


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