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Our Journey

Discover the story of KGL, a premier tax, legal, and business support firm based in Suriname.

Our team’s origins trace back to a previous firm that merged with another, prompting us to forge our own path. Founded on July 18, 2023, KGL embodies our belief in the value of each team member and their contributions.

The name KGL reflects our roots, with the ‘K’ symbolizing Kenswil & Co, where our journey as a Team began.

The ‘G’ and ‘L’ represent our Legal Partner Gobardhan and Tax Partner Leeflang, honoring their pivotal roles.

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Company Values

Integrity and Ethics

Upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics is fundamental in our services. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients by adhering to strict ethical guidelines and transparent practices.

Expertise and Excellence

We pride ourselves on being subject matter experts in tax and legal matters. Our team continuously pursues excellence through knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients’ success is at the forefront of everything we do. We actively listen to our clients’ needs, tailor solutions to their unique challenges, and provide personalized support to meet and exceed their expectations. Our approach is also based on the most practical solution.

Reliability and Trust

Being a reliable partner and trusted advisor is paramount. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, consistency, and a commitment to delivering results. Clients can depend on us to navigate the  complex tax and legal landscapes in Suriname with precision and dedication.

Our Team

Our dedicated team is comprised of accomplished professionals with a wealth of experience in tax, legal, and business advisory services. We bring diverse backgrounds and specialized expertise to the table, allowing us to offer innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Get to know the individuals who are committed to guiding you through every challenge and opportunity on your business journey. Visit their personal profiles to know more about them.

Cheryl Leeflang

Cheryl Leeflang

Tax Lawyer | Partner

Meet Cheryl, our all-round tax lawyer and tax partner with over 30 years of experience. With a diverse background in tax consultancy across Curacao, the Netherlands, Canada and Suriname, Cheryl brings a wealth of knowledge in several areas of tax including oil and gas, wage tax, social security, and pensions. She has proudly served an impressive roster of clients, including IOCs, real estate development companies, banks, insurance companies, and individuals. In Canada, her specialty lay in Wills, Trusts, and other estate matters.

Throughout her career, Cheryl has worked for esteemed organizations such as KPMG Meijburg & Co and KPMG Tax & Legal Services, managing her own successful tax practice, Reuijl & Leeflang Tax Advisers in Curacao, and joining the respected Law firm Shea Nerland Calnan LLP Barristers and Solicitors in Canada. Originally from Suriname, Cheryl has returned to her roots and is now dedicated to serving clients in Suriname. For the past two years Cheryl has embraced her independence as a freelance consultant in Suriname. Cheryl’s passion for her craft expanded her horizons, considering the oil and gas sector an area of great importance. She has advised on diverse matters within this field, forging a deep understanding that few can rival. In July 2023 Cheryl became a partner at KGL Tax & Legal in Suriname.

Cheryl has a master’s degree from Leiden University. Fluent in Dutch and English, and a moderate demand of Papiamento, Spanish, and Sranan Tongo, Cheryl ensures clear and effective communication with clients from various backgrounds.

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Akash Gobardhan

Akash Gobardhan

Lawyer | Partner

Akash started his career as a legal officer at a local insurance company in Suriname in 2011. His work concerned bringing out civil claims and conducting defenses. He was also responsible for the collection policy. After working for Self Reliance, Akash then started working in the position of Tax & Legal Compliance officer for KPMG Meijburg Caribbean in Suriname until July 2017. He mainly worked on the payroll processing and local advisory for companies in the natural resources sector.

After closing of KPMG in Suriname, Akash joined EY in the Dutch Caribbean and started working as the first man on ground for the operation of EY in Suriname. He was responsible for the Suriname Practice of EY until December 2018 dealing with advisory and compliance work for international clients. Due changes in personal circumstances he decided to leave the firm.

In 2019, Akash joined the firm of Kenswil & Co in Suriname and worked as a senior manager, where he specialized in Oil & Gas, Mining, M&A, Inbound and outbound structuring. Akash also led the payroll and legal team of Kenswil & Co that provided several contract reviews, labor law advisory and other GMS related advisory work for Oil & Gas (sub) contractors in Suriname. In 2022, Kenswil & Co decided to merge with HBN Law & Tax. Akash worked as a senior manager at HBN providing the services as mentioned under Kenswil & Co.

In July 2023, Akash decided to leave HBN Law & Tax and started his own firm. He founded KGL Tax & Legal together with his former colleague Cheryl. At KGL he is handling both tax and legal clients mainly active in the Oil & Gas sector in Suriname.

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Vanencia Chandoesing

Vanencia Chandoesing

Sr. Tax & Legal Consultant

In 2017, after her Master Degree, Vanencia started her career at Kenswil & Co as Junior Consultant. In 2019 she became senior Tax & Legal Consultant.

Vanencia advices in legal matters such as labor contracts, social securities, business set-up in Suriname, assistance with the opening of bank accounts, due diligence, registration and de-registration of entities/individuals and all other legal matters/work for Oil & Gas (sub) contractors in Suriname. She also advices in tax compliance related matters such as the preparation of tax returns: corporate/personal income tax, VAT, wealth tax, rental value tax and wage tax. She also offers her expertise in several dispute settlements at the tax office and other related institutions etc.

In 2020 she wanted to upgrade her knowledge and started with the Attorney Training at Centrum voor Democratie en Rechtspleging (CDR), which is still in ongoing. She expects to be sworn in as an attorney in 2024.

In 2022, Kenswil & Co decided to merge with HBN Law & Tax. Vanencia worked as a senior tax & legal consultant at HBN providing the services as mentioned under Kenswil & Co.

In July 2023, Vanencia decided to leave HBN Law & Tax and joined KGL Tax & Legal as Senior Tax & Legal Consultant

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Yrania Hirasing

Yrania Hirasing

Sr. Tax & Legal Consultant

Yrania started her career as a manager at SBIC, a supporting organization of the Chamber of Commerce in Suriname, in 2019 where she was responsible for data collection, data analytics and statistics. She was also responsible for supporting entrepreneurs with legal business advice and provision of business-related laws and regulations to the entrepreneurs.

In 2019 Yrania continued her career in the position of Tax & Legal Consultant at Kenswil & Co in Suriname until April 2022, where she broadened her experience with tax compliance. She mainly worked on tax & legal compliance matters as well as legal advice matters with regards to labor-related issues among other things.

In 2022, Kenswil & Co decided to merge with HBN Law & Tax. Yrania continued her work as a senior tax & legal consultant at HBN providing the services as mentioned under Kenswil & Co. In 2020 she also started with the lawyer training to enhance her knowledge and experience in the litigation field.

In July 2023, Yrania decided to leave HBN Law & Tax and join KGL. At KGL she is handling both tax and legal clients mainly active in the Oil & Gas sector in Suriname.

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Francisca Tjokrodikoro

Francisca Tjokrodikoro

Tax & Accounting Consultant

Meet Francisca, our Tax & Accounting Consultant. In 2019 Francisca started her financial administration career at Exlent Accountancy & Financial Services N.V.

In 2021 she started her career in tax and payroll administration at Kenswil & Co and while Kenswil & Co merged with HBN in 2022, Francisca continued her position.  

At KGL Tax & Legal, Francisca is responsible for all your payroll administrations and inquiries. She is currently processing payrolls for clients namely in the Oil & Gas Sector in Suriname along with some companies operating in the telecom, insurance companies and other local companies. She is highly skilled in providing optimization services for payroll. 

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Caroline Kasiman

Caroline Kasiman

Office Manager

Caroline Kasiman is the Office Manager of KGL Tax & Legal.

She started her career in October 2017 at Kenswil & Co as an Office Assistant. In 2019 she was promoted to Office Manager.

In April 2022, Kenswil & Co decided to merge with HBN Law & Tax BV. Caroline has retained her position as Office Manager at HBN Law & Tax BV.

In July 2023, Caroline decided to leave HBN Law & Tax and started working at KGL Tax & Legal.

Caroline is currently handling the invoices, agreements and the onboarding process with clients. Caroline is also responsible for all the financial and Human Resource related matters.

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Chanel Martodikromo

Chanel Martodikromo


Chanel is an energetic and active secretary. She has extensive experience with all administration tasks, including her expertise in accounting, scheduling, correspondence. Having held positions in the insurance industry, medical, real estate and business fields she was able to elevate her skills to meet the needs of various clients. She has also developed an increased customer satisfaction rating at several companies.


Chanel devoted several years of her career in finance & control in the real estate industry and business field. Afterwards, she decided to take a turn on life and joined a tax & legal firm.

In her role she is responsible for the accounting administration, interaction with potential & excisting clients and managing all office utilization matters.  

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