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Our Journey

Welcome to Our Journey at KGL!

Take a stroll through the story of our firm, KGL, where we’re all about taxes, legal matters, and business support in Suriname.

Our journey kicked off when we merged with another firm, creating KGL on July 18, 2023. It’s been quite the ride since then!

We’re all about teamwork here at KGL. Each member of our crew brings something special to the table, and that’s what makes us tick.

Ever wonder where the name “KGL” comes from? It’s a nod to our roots at Kenswil & Co, where it all began. The ‘G’ and ‘L’ stand for our partners, Gobardhan and Leeflang, who’ve been with us every step of the way.

As we keep moving forward, we’re all about staying true to our values: innovation, honesty, and making sure our clients are happy.

Introducing the dynamic partner duo behind KGL Tax & Legal: Akash Gobardhan and Cheryl Leeflang, two seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in tax and legal matters.

Akash Gobardhan’s journey in tax and legal compliance spans over a decade, with notable stints at KPMG and EY in the Dutch Caribbean. His extensive background includes spearheading operations, managing advisory services, and specializing in sectors like Oil & Gas, Mining, and M&A. With a commitment to excellence, Akash has navigated through various mergers and acquisitions, culminating in the founding of KGL Tax & Legal in 2023.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Leeflang boasts over 30 years of experience as an all-round tax advisor, with a diverse background spanning Curacao, the Netherlands, and Canada. Her impressive career trajectory includes managing her own successful tax practice, serving prestigious clients, and making significant contributions to esteemed organizations. Cheryl’s expertise extends beyond taxes, as she’s fluent in multiple languages and has a keen understanding of the oil and gas sector, making her an invaluable asset to KGL Tax & Legal.

Together, Akash and Cheryl form a formidable team, dedicated to providing tailored tax and legal solutions for businesses operating in Suriname. Their combined knowledge, passion, and commitment to client satisfaction make KGL Tax & Legal the go-to destination for comprehensive tax and legal services in the region.

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