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Vanencia Chandoesing

Vanencia Chandoesing

Vanencia advices in legal matters such as labor contracts, social securities, business set-up in Suriname, assistance with the opening of bank accounts, due diligence, registration and de-registration of entities/individuals and all other legal matters/work for Oil & Gas (sub) contractors in Suriname. She also advices in tax compliance related matters such as the preparation of tax returns: corporate/personal income tax, VAT, wealth tax, rental value tax and wage tax. She also offers her expertise in several dispute settlements at the tax office and other related institutions etc.

Dissolution of a Company

dissolution of a company
In Suriname, the dissolution of a company involves a series of legal steps and formalities, culminating in the termination of its existence as a legal entity. During this process, assets are liquidated, debts settled, and any remaining funds distributed among shareholders, marking the closure of the company's operations.